Good Grief

Good Grief

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dancing with my Daddy

Guest blogger-The possible thoughts of Miss Molly Richardson-age 6

My mom just received a text message that the deadline for tickets to the Daddy Daughter dance was this Thursday. Oh how I'd love to dress up and go...with my daddy. I was asked to go last year by my daddy's best friend and his daughter. It was fun, except for the whole tornado thing and the fact that I felt like every one there probably noticed that I was there with someone else's daddy. I have a few questions about the whole Daddy Daughter dance fad. First, kinda stinks that this event became REALLY popular about the time that my daddy went home. My mom says that they NEVER had anything like this when she was little. I hear my mom talking about how she doesn't like them. I know she's really happy for all the little/big girls that get to go with their daddy's. I hear her say she wished they had these dances when she was growing up and how it's good for daddy's to have special time with their little girls. I hear her say my daddy would have LOVED getting dressed up  to take me to dinner and to dance the night away. She tells me how daddy would have been the first one to electric slide, Cupid shuffle at the dance. I hear her say how he would have had more fun than any daddy there. I also hear her say it stinks that there are some little girls, like me, that aren't privileged enough to have a daddy here, available to take their little girls to a dance just for daddy's and daughters. I've heard her say how she knows its good for daughters and daddy's need that time but it just seems to draw attention to the little girls that are unlucky, to not have a daddy. No matter if its death, divorce, or just an absent dad-it stinks for those. While its sweet when I have offers to go with other men in my life, there's just not a replacement for my daddy. I hope that these little girls that are getting to have a date with their daddy's know how lucky they are. Hope they never take a second for granted. Hope they always appreciate when their dads are at their dance recitals, ballgames, appreciate when their dad gets to kiss them and tuck them into bed. Hope they always appreciate when they want their daddy to push them in a swing -he is there to do just that. Hope they appreciate when it's time to take the walk down a long aisle to meet their soon-to-be husband that its their daddy that is holding their arm. Saying all this so that you can remind your daughters to appreciate their dads. I still know I'm a very blessed little girl--I had an awesome, love filled 3 years with my daddy. I am blessed because God gave me a wonderful ability to remember things about my daddy. I can remember how he would swing me for a long time, how he would put me on his shoulders facing him and dance with me then flip me backwards. I remember him being sick and being home with me and watching Snow White over and over and he never complained. I remember his nickname for me-lil curl. I remember how he loved me like a daddy should love his baby girl. My mom tells me how many times he covered me with kisses.

Just the other day on the way home from school, after a few dads eating lunch with friends, I said to mom, "I sure miss having a daddy." My mom, in  her wise way, reminded me that I do have a daddy---he is just lucky to be LIVING in heaven. She also told me that I have a Father in Heaven that loves me more than any daddy on earth ever could. So while I'm very thankful for all the men in my life that fill in for my daddy-I take the most comfort in knowing my Father has a special love for those that are fatherless. I am happy knowing that not only will i have endless daddy/daughter dances one day in heaven, I will be able to one day dance for and with my Father that loves me more than any daddy can. So for this year I have chosen to sit this dance out and hang out with my big bros instead. Got a feeling my mom will dance with me at home...she's a better dancer than dad anyway:) Daughters--enjoy your daddy's-dont take a single second for granted.